Aegean ME3 24LED 58W 800mA CL I 8914 Lm AEGEAN

- Tempered protection glass 4mm thick.
- CL I: surge protection up to 10kV, both in common and differential mode.
- Aluminium body.
- Colour temperature 4000K.
- CRI: min. 70.

Product Family AEGEAN
Lamp Category LED
Fixation POLE
IP IP 66
Διαστάσεις 280mm
Γραμμικό Σχέδιο

 Dimensions / AEGEAN

Aegean ME3 24LED 58W 800mA CL I 8914 Lm


Technical Features
- Streetlight.
- High efficiency electronic power source and duration, intended for external use.
- The system, both in CL I and in CL II, is equipped with a knife switch to interrupt the power supply at the device’s opening.
- Cable plate complete with easily replaceable electronic unit with “Plug and Play” anti-inversion system.
- Pressure compensation filter in Teflon.
- Opening provides access to cable box in a single, easy step by using the quick release clip, without using additional tools.
- Side Entry Installation or Post Top Installation and adjustable angle -10° to 10° (step 5°).
- The power supply cable accesses the device through a PG 16 cable gland (IP68).
- Insulation class I and II.
- Body and cover in die cast aluminum.
- Adjustable pole mounting system in die cast aluminium.
- Coated in silver-colored polyester powders (RAL 7010).
- Gaskets in anti-aging rubber.
- Extra-clear tempered glass, 4mm thick.
- Dimmer 1-10V DC.
- Closure clip.
- L80B20> 100.000 h.


To ensure the degree of protection (sealing), the use of flexible power supply cable type HO7RN-F (in appropriate diameter) is required.


Upon Request
- At colour temperature 3000K.
- With dimmer dali driver.
- Reserved interface on back of housing for Nema of Zhaga socket.

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