- Version for CFL/E27.
- 2m suspension cable, adjustable.
- Flat finish.
- Aluminium rosette ø70mm.
Catalogue Chapter PENDANT
Product Family URANIA
IP IP 20






Behind its classic appearance, this luminaire hides a modern soul.
Its symmetrical structure works well in both classical and contemporary environments.
Available in three sizes to suit both domestic and more commercial applications.

Technical Features
- Aluminium reflector, painted in selected colour or plated.
- Canopy in white colour.
- Suspension with 2m textile cord 3x0,75mm2.
Upon request
- Textile cord in red colour.
Suggested Lamps Solutions
Uraniaø300: CFL GLOBE 7W, 286Lm, in 2700 K or 4000 K.
Uraniaø400: CFL TUBE 11W, 600Lm, in 2700 K or 4000 K.
Uraniaø500: CFL GLOBE 23W, 1371Lm, in 2700 K or 4000 K.

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: URANIA_500

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