MACH 1 - Asymmetrical

- Asymmetrical reflector from anodised high purity aluminum,
peened for medium-wide beam and specular for mediumnarrow

Catalogue Chapter FLOODLIGHTS
Product Family MACH 1
IP IP 66

MACH 1 - Asymmetrical





Technical Features
- Floodlights for metal halide lamps (HIT, HIT-DE, HIT-CE) or high pressure sodium lamp (HST, HST-DE).
- Diecast aluminum body electrostatically painted in black, titan and white, complete with thermally isolated control gear housing.
- Silicon rubber gasket.
- Input of the power cable through cable gland type PG 13,5.
- Tempered safety glass.
- Bracket made of galvanized painted steel with index for vertical orientation.
- The removable control gear plate is made out of galvanized steel sheet for insulation Class I and of injection of selfextinguish thermoplastic material for insulation Class II.
- The floodlights are in accordance with regulations EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-5.
- Connection for operation on 230V-50Hz with conventional control gear and power factor correction capacitor.
- Wind exposed surface = 0,13 m2.

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