- Asymmetrical reflector from anodised high purity aluminum
(with baffle to avoid the direct glare), peened for mediumwide
beam and specular for medium-narrow beam.
- Note: The ignition system is always installed inside the floodlight on
a metal base.
There is also capacity for the ignition system to be placed in a waterproof
box (cablo service):
a) from diecast aluminum for Class I (IP65) or
b) self-extinguisted thermoplastic for Class II (IP66).
The ignitor in each case is placed within the floodlight

Catalogue Chapter FLOODLIGHTS
Product Family JET 1000
IP IP 66






Technical Features
- Floodlights for metal halide lamps (HIT) or high pressure sodium lamp (HST).
• Diecast aluminum body with primary alloy and low copper content with an high weather proof rating, electrostatically painted in black colour, complete with thermally isolated housing for the ignitor or the whole control gear when the lamp is metal halide.
• Silicon rubber gasket.
• Cable gland type PG 13,5.
• Tempered safety glass suitable for high temperature and thermal scocks.
• Bracket made of galvanized painted steel with index for vertical orientation.
• Control gear base from galvanized steel.
• The floodlights are in accordance with regulations EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-2-5.
• Wind exposed surface = 0,203 m2 ( with vertical addressing 70o).
• Connection for operation on 230V-50Hz with conventional controlgear and power factor correction capacitor.
Length between control gear and floodlight max.50m.

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: JET1000_ASYM

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